Yes, we will have a book sale this year! No, it won’t be a traditional sale. We will actually have two sales on Facebook Live.

You do not have to have a Facebook account to see it or participate. Go to and click on the Facebook Live post.

Books will be sold for $5 per lot. So for example, we will announce “This is Lot #7. These are mysteries” and then read the titles and authors while showing the books. To buy the bundle, you would type in chat “Sold Lot #7” If you don’t have a Facebook account, please also give your name. Then you will come to the library in the week following the sale to pick up your books and pay.

We’ll have many different types of books for sale, and each lot will be similar books. There will be one or more lots for westerns, large print, history, cookbooks, thrillers, children’s books, young adult books, and just general fiction. Some will be a lot of books all by the same author, like James Patterson or Mary Higgins Clark.

The sales are on Thursday, October 20 and Tuesday, October 27. Both nights we will begin at 7:00 p.m.