Iola Public Library has two meeting spaces available for public use: the meeting room in the library, and the Flewharty-Powell Annex to the library at 211 East Street. The library welcomes the use of these rooms for non-commercial purposes. Sales parties hosted by individuals and not businesses are not considered commercial for the purposes of this policy. Businesses may reserve the rooms for internal employee training, or for programs offered as a service to the public at large.

1. Both spaces are available from 7:00 A.M. to 10:30 P.M regardless of beliefs or affiliations of the users. Only one user after regular library hours will be scheduled per day.

2. The meeting room and Annex may not be used for any unlawful purposes.

3. No fee, admission charge or donation is permitted for entrance into any event. Fees may be charged only to cover the actual expense of materials/supplies used during the meetings. No products or services maybe advertised, solicited or sold.

4. No display, banners, charts, decorations, etc. will be attached to the walls or ceilings, other than the tack board which is provided in the meeting room.

5. No display, banner or advertisements will use the library telephone number as a contact point, nor identify the library as a sponsor. Library staff will not handle phone calls or messages for persons utilizing either space.

6. A key for access to the meeting spaces will be provided. The key should be returned immediately following conclusion of the event. It may be turned in at the library circulation desk or left in the book drop along the alley. If keys are not returned by the time the library closes on the following business day, the individual or organization using the room will be charged the cost of changing the locks.

7. Rules for food and beverages are as follows:

a. Meeting Room: Food or non-alcoholic beverages may be served, but no cooking may be done on the premises and no flames are allowed. Food already prepared in slow cookers or roasters is allowed. The sink may be used for rinsing out coffee pots, pitchers, etc., but dishwashing should not be done. Appliances and dishes on the counter or in the open cupboards may be used.
b. Flewharty-Powell Annex: Food or non-alcoholic beverages may be served. The kitchen may be used to prepare food. The refrigerator, pans, utensils, appliances, etc. which are in the kitchen may be used. The china is not available except by special arrangement.
8. The meeting room use fee is $30.00 for up to 4 hours and $10.00 per hour thereafter. The Flewharty-Powell annex use fee is $35 for up to 4 hours, and $10 per hour thereafter. Meeting spaces may be reserved by request in person, over the telephone through e-mail, or other means of communuication. The reservation will expire unless the fees are paid within one week. A security and cleaning deposit of $50.00 is required for either place. Following the event, the deposit will be returned if the meeting room or Annex is left in satisfactory condition. If not, the cost of cleaning or set-up will be deducted from the deposit. If the event is cancelled, a cancellation fee of $15 will be retained, and the balance of the fee and deposit returned. The library and associated groups (the City of Iola, Friends of the Library, and Southeast Kansas Library System may use the meeting spaces without charge.

9. Reservations may be made up to 6 months in advance and as short as 24 hours prior. Groups are limited to scheduling 3 meetings at a time.

10. An adult (21 years or older) must be in attendance when minors are present. (1 person of age for every 10 minors present)

11. Those using the meeting spaces are responsible for setting them up and returning them to the designated configuration before leaving the building. They are responsible for clean-up, trash removal and all damages incurred. Sweeping and vacuuming are not necessary unless there are spills or out of the ordinary debris. Cleaning supplies in the meeting spaces may be used. In the Annex, all items used should be left clean. So that the dishwasher is run often enough to keep it in good working order, it’s preferred that you use it for washing any pans, utensils etc. which belong in the house. Dishwasher detergent is provided under the sink. Items which are brought in for the meeting may be washed in the sink.

12. The Library is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

13. The number of persons in the rooms may not exceed the posted occupancy as set by the fire department (64 in the meeting room; 47 in the Flewharty-Powell Annex).

14. Exceptions to these policies are permissible only by approval from the Iola Library Board.

15. Users of the meeting room may use the ceiling-mounted projector, TV, and DVD player which are in the room. Users of the Flewharty-Powell Annex may use the TV and DVD player which are in the house. Other equipment available at the library, such as projection screen, overhead projector, data projector, and opaque projector, must be reserved separately. No technical support is provided. Users must supply their own laptops for PowerPoint or similar presentations.

Revised 9-5-14; last reviewed 1-6-20.