A. Credit card
1. One or more credit cards may be held by the library.  Any such credit card shall remain under the control of the Director, who may authorize its use by other staff members for specific limited purchases.  Ordinarily, such authorized uses will be purchases for which invoicing is not readily available in a timely manner, such as certain online purchases or conference attendance.

2. When the credit card is used, documentation such as a billing record shall be provided to the Administrative Assistant.  The Administrative Assistant shall match such records with the credit card statement when it arrives and will bring any discrepancy to the attention of the Director before submitting the bill for payment.

3. When the credit card statement is received, it shall be reviewed by the treasurer before payment.  Payment is authorized upon the treasurer’s approval, without waiting for board approval if necessary to avoid late charges. 

B. Mileage and meals
1. When library employees must use their own vehicle to attend business-related conferences, continuing education, or meetings, mileage will be paid at the IRS allowed rate.

2. Reimbursement is made for meals while traveling on business.  A receipt for the cost of the meal, including tip, should be turned in to the Administrative Assistant.  Breakfast charges will be reimbursed if the schedule requires leaving home prior to 6:00 a.m., not including meal time.  Supper charges will be reimbursed if the schedule requires arriving at home later than 7:00 p.m., not including meal time.  No reimbursement is made for snacks, beverages while traveling, etc.

3. Photocopy and other charges
Employees may use services for which SEKLS or Iola Public Library charges at reduced rates, as follows:

Photocopies:  10 cents per copy
Color photocopies:  20 cents per copy
Printed pages from computer printer:  5 cents per copy
Disc repair:  $1.00
Faxes:  10 cents per page to receive; actual telephone charges to send

C. Use of equipment and furniture
Computers may be used for personal use during break times and outside the workday.  If expendable supplies are used, reimbursement must be made.  (For copies, see above; for disks or other supplies, see the Administrative Assistant).

Telephones should only be used for personal use on break times or emergencies, and generally only for local telephone calls.  No personal long-distance calls should normally be made.

No SEKLS or library property is to be removed from the building for personal use without prior permission of the Director or, in his absence, the Administrative Assistant.  Permission is generally given to borrow such items as folding tables, drink cooler, etc. if such requests are not made on a regular basis.  Expendable supplies are not to be taken for personal use.

D. Kansas Open Records Act.
It is the policy of the library to close records which may be discretionally closed under the Kansas Open Records Act, including personnel records, letters of reference or recommendation, work product of an attorney, and public records containing information of a personal nature where a public disclosure would constitute a clearly unwarranted invasion of privacy.

The library director is designated as the Freedom of Information officer.

E. Endowment Fund
Each year the budget will include a transfer from the Iola Public Library Endowment Fund, which is placed with Your Community Foundation. At the time the budget is prepared, an amount equivalent to 4% of the current balance of the fund will be included in the budget. After January 1, a distribution to the library of the amount included in the budget will be initiated.

Revised 9/8/20