A. Written procedures for various types of emergencies shall be kept in easily located places at the circulation desk and in the SEKLS offices.  Procedures shall be written as succinctly as possible for quick use in an actual emergency.  Every staff member should know the location of the written procedures.

B. In the event of an actual emergency, staff members should quickly take the relevant instructions and use them as a guide.

C. Staff members who are ever left in charge of the library should thoroughly acquaint themselves with the procedures for each type of emergency.

D. Since it is not feasible to write a plan covering all possible scenarios in case of an actual emergency, staff should exercise judgment in carrying out emergency plans.  They should be aware of all possible alternative routes and exits, which staff members are available to direct patrons, etc.  In all situations, safety of patrons should be the top priority.

Adopted by the library board 7-2-15; reviewed 10-7-19