A.  Patron registration

1.  Residents of the city of Iola are the primary population served by the library.  Borrowing privileges are also extended to residents of Kansas counties which participate in a regional system of cooperating libraries.  Library cards are renewed annually.   Minors will be issued cards after obtaining the signature of a parent or guardian agreeing to be responsible for materials checked out on the card.   Identification showing current address is required at the time of the initial registration.

2.  Allen County Community College students, people living and working temporarily (but at least 2 months) in the area, or family members living temporarily with a library cardholder who do not meet the requirements listed above may be issued a one-year card at no charge.  Students must provide both school and home address.  Others must provide both temporary and permanent address.

3.   Businesses or institutions may be issued an institutional card.  A list of the employee(s) entitled to use the card, and signed by the owner, manager, or director of the institution will be kept on file.

4.  Other persons not meeting the above criteria may register for a one-year card for a fee of $20.

5.  At the time of initial registration, each patron may check out a maximum of five items.

6.   Library cards may be renewed as long as registration information is still on file with the library.  If a card has expired and registration information is no longer on file, registration will follow procedures for new patrons.

7.  Lost or damaged cards which have not expired may be replaced with a new card for a charge of $1.00.  Only one current registration per person will be allowed.

B.  Circulation

1.  Loan periods are as follows:

1 day:  equipment ($1.00 rental fee), other than hotspots

1 week:  DVDs

2 week:  All other circulating items (including hotspots)

Reference books, current issues of magazines, and a few other
materials as indicated in the catalog and on the item do not
normally circulate.

Vacation loans for an extended loan period will be made when patrons will be traveling at the time of the usual due date.  Extended loan periods may also be made for other special circumstances on a case by case basis.  A due date will be selected after the anticipated return of the patron.  New fiction and any materials with reserves are not eligible for extended loans.

2. Persons should normally check out materials using their own library card. The only exceptions are as follows:

a. If someone is unable to register for a card at that time because of lack of identification and the cardholder is present or has communicated to library staff that they have given permission, that person may check out items on a card belonging to their spouse, parent, or minor child; this exception is one time only per person.

b. Parents who prefer their minor children check out items on the parent’s card even when the parent is not present will be accommodated. The parent must sign a form authorizing this, acknowledging that the parent will be responsible for all items checked out on the card, and listing those children who have permission to use the card.

3.  Patrons who lose their library card should notify the library.
No more items will be allowed to be checked out on the card.
However, the patron is responsible for any items checked out
prior to notifying the library of the missing card.

4.  No member of the staff will determine what may be checked out by
a patron.  A child’s reading is the responsibility of the parent. Parents who so wish may request that their child not be allowed to check out any book unless accompanied by the parent.

5.  All items may be renewed three times unless a reserve has been placed on the item.  No more than 10 DVDs may be checked out at a time.

6.  Reserves will be accepted on all materials.  The patron will be notified by telephone, e-mail, or text message when the material is ready.  Reserved items will be held for one week after notification.

7.  The library offers an automatic reserve service.  Patrons may note which authors whose new books they wish to have automatically reserved for them.

C.  Overdue, lost, and damaged items

1. Borrowers assume responsibility for items checked out on their cards.  If items are lost or damaged beyond normal wear, the borrower will be charged. For damage which does not cause the library to discard the item, a minimum of $1 will be charged.

2.  Fines per day for overdue materials are:

Equipment rentals, DVDs:  $1.00
Books and all other materials:  20¢.
Accumulated fines will not exceed one-half of the value of the item.

No overdue fines will be imposed for juvenile accounts, except as may otherwise be provided in this policy.

3.  Long overdue materials or accumulated fines in excess of $10.00 will result in the loss of borrowing and computer privileges.  For parents or other adults who are guarantors on a child’s account, this restriction will apply when either their own or the child’s account reaches this level. Additional steps may be taken to recover long overdue materials, including the use of a collection agency. When a long overdue account is turned to a collection agency, a $15 fee will be charged.

4.  The original list price will be charged for items lost or damaged to the extent that the library no longer wishes them kept in the collection.  If the item is no longer in print, the charge will be the greater of the original cost of the item or:

$28.00for hardback books and audio books

12.00  for nonfiction paperbacks

7.00 for fiction paperbacks and board books

20.00 DVDs and CD-ROMs

4.00 for single issues of magazines

15.00 for children’s books and compact discs

As an alternative, patrons may replace items with a new copy of the exact same item; edition number, bonus features, etc. must exactly match the item being replaced.

5.  Refunds for lost materials will be made when the item is returned within one year of payment.   The accumulated fine, up to a maximum of half of the amount charged for the item, will be deducted from the refund.

D.  Interlibrary loan

1. Items not owned locally, or missing, may be requested on interli­brary loan by patrons in good standing.  If the lending library charges a fee, the patron requesting the material is responsible for payment.

2.  When multiple copies of an item are needed for a class or group, they may be requested even though the item is available locally.

3.  Patrons may place up to 25 holds in the SEKnFind database and may request up to five items at a time on interlibrary loan.  Permission to submit more than three requests may be given to patrons at the discretion of the director or the public service librarian.

E.  Reference service

1.  The staff of Iola Public Library will offer assistance to those needing help in using the library, finding the materials they need, and locating information.

2.  Telephone reference service is available.  All materials available to in‑house patrons will be available to telephone patrons to the extent that the information requested lends itself to being conveyed in that manner.

F.  Fax service

1.  Patrons are encouraged to use commercial providers of fax services. However, those wanting to send a fax while they are using the library will be accommodated.  The charge will be $2.00 for the first page sent and $1.00 for each succeeding page.  Faxes may be sent internationally if they may be direct-dialed.  In such cases, library staff will first check online to see the applicable per-minute long-distance charge for that country.  If the per-minute charge exceeds $3.00, the cost per page will be increased.   The increase will be $1.00 for each full or partial additional dollar per-minute charge.*

2.  Persons receiving faxes may pick them up by asking at the service desk and paying 50 cents per page.  If the person receiving the fax does not pick it up on the same business day, one contact by telephone will be made if the telephone number is available. There will be a service charge of $1.00 for this.  Faxes not picked up within three business days will be discarded.

G.  Teacher checkout

1.  Teachers in public, private, or home schools qualify for teacher checkout if they have personal account in good standing. They may be issued teacher cards upon reading this policy and signing a form indicating that they understand and will abide by it. Teacher cards will be issued for one year at a time.

2.  Teacher cards may be used to check out a maximum of 30 books or other items relating to the curriculum as long as their personal account is not blocked.  They may not be used to check out items for personal use.  Items not eligible for teacher checkout include new fiction or any item with reserves.  The number of items checked out from areas likely to be in seasonal demand (such as Christmas books, Kansas books during January, etc.) and the checkout period may be limited at the library’s discretion.

3.  Individuals issued a teacher’s card assume full responsibility for items checked out on that card.

4.  Teachers may specify the length of the checkout period up to a maximum of two weeks for DVDs and four weeks for other items.

5.  If another patron requests an items currently on teacher checkout, that item may be recalled at any time past the date it would have been due on regular checkout.  The teacher having it checked out will have five days to return it before fines begin to accrue.

6.  No fines shall be imposed except in the case of failure to return a reserved item.

7.  Teacher checkout privileges may be denied to persons abusing the privilege.

*Currently, the web site to check is http://www.cox.com/telephone/pricing/BasicInternationalPricing.asp

H. Credit cards

The library accepts credit cards for payments, with a minimum charge of $1.00.

I.  Book covering

The library may do covering of books for people under the following guidelines.

  • The books should be brought in for library staff to look at. We may decline if we feel the condition of the book is such that we will not be able to cover it, covering may result in more damage, or if the book is likely to be a valuable or collector’s book.
  • No more than 10 books at a time will be accepted.
  • The books will be left at the library with the owner’s name and contact information, and we will contact the owner when the work is done.
  • Work will be done as our schedule allows.
  • We will charge the cost of materials used, and $10 per hour for staff time. The minimum charge is $2.00.
  • The library is not responsible for any damage to the books left for covering.

J. Study room
The study room is available for use for up to three hours at a time through both reservations and walk-ins. Reservations may be made up to seven days in advance, with a limit of two reservations per month.  The room may be kept locked or unlocked at the library’s discretion.

Revised 3/1/21