1.  Display cases are reserved for  use by the library or for display of art works, handicrafts, and collectibles.  They are not considered open public forums for uses beyond these.

2.  The Library assumes no responsibility for damage or theft of items displayed.

3.  As display cases are located in the library entryway, all items displayed must be suitable for an audience which includes young chil­dren.  The Library Director is authorized to determine whether individu­al items being displayed meet this criteria.

4.  Display cases will be reserved as available.  Persons wishing to do so must provide information regarding what will be displayed, when the display will be installed and removed, how many and which cases are being reserved, and the name and telephone number of a contact person.  Displays are normally 4-6 weeks  in duration.

Revised 9-2-99; Last reviewed 1-3-19