The library is grateful for the generosity of persons who make gifts to the library which allow us to stretch our resources and make available items which would otherwise not be available to the community.

Gifts of books and other materials are accepted with the understanding that items  not added to the collection (those that are duplicates, outdated, in poor condition, etc.) may be disposed of through the library book sale or other means.  Items accepted will be integrated with the library’s collection.

Monetary gifts will be used for the purpose specified by the donor.  Non-monetary gifts other than books may be accepted with the understanding that the library is free to use them as needed, and dispose of them if no longer needed.    The library reserves the right to decline either monetary or non-monetary gifts if  inappropriate or unneeded by the library.  When at least $250 is donated or given as a memorial, the name of the person making the donation, or for whom the memorial is designated, will be added to the memorial plaque.

No appraisals will be made for non-monetary gifts.  On request, we will provide a statement for tax purposes describing the gift.

Revised 8-6-09; Last reviewed 10-7-19